things i’ve learned so far

soon… september 29 i will have 5 years sober.  that almost seems impossible.  except that those minutes and hours and days were all accumulated by me.  therefore, i have proof those 5 years are in fact possible.  of course it goes without saying, that but for my higher power these past years wouldn’t be possible […]

Alcoholism untreated

Last weekend my sponsee died from her addiction to alcohol.  She fell and hit her head while intoxicated. She was the first lady I ever sponsored and I had just given her the 1 year chip at a ladies meeting.  She has a 14 year old daughter. Turns out she’d been drinking the entire time […]


I remember my first Christmas sober.  I was trying so hard to make it special without booze.  I told my sponsor I was planning a party at home.  She advised against it but I was so enthusiastic and ambitious with my new found sobriety.  I look back at that person with tender feelings.  I didn’t […]

Drinking sometimes sounds good

But then I remember I’m an alcoholic and the momentary carelessness of such a thought terrifies me.  I can’t help but feel a need for escape when work is hard, raising children has me exhausted, marriage is tough, and living life wears me out…but those feelings pass eventually.  I say a quick prayer and ask […]

working with others

I’ve finally started sponsoring.  I resisted for a long time.  Maybe it was selfishness…but also a feeling of incompetence.  I didn’t know if I could truly benefit anyone starting her journey in recovery.  But as it turns out…I have much to offer in the areas of experience, strength and hope! In meetings, I used to […]

7th stepping my way thru this life

I’ve hit so many walls this past year coming head first with ugly character defects.  Work brought me daily strife and constant problems to be solved. Personally we suffered a family health crisis.  Those two circumstances loudly proclaimed, “think you can handle life?  Let’s see!”  Humility.  Not my favorite dish to eat.  However a necessary one […]