Dirty thirty

Let me begin with a lovely song from the Avett brothers “When I drink” …here is the lyric I most identify with right now ,”cause when I drink I spend the next morning in a haze and we only get so many days…”

That line resonates so profoundly because for so many years I’ve been wasting my days.  I have not wasted one morning for the last month.  And for that grace, I am in heaven on earth.  It’s the only way to live a truthful life for the addict and alcoholic. Life will give you a helluva ride. Ups and downs, highs and lows but being in the moment living it without a haze, pure and whole…nothing compares. Accept the pain.  Welcome the hard, brutal tragedy. The sun shining brighter, genuine silver linings to every dark cloud.  It is beautiful.  I’m in love with my one day at a time.  That’s all that is asked of anyone. To live honestly from sunrise to sunset. AA gives 30 day chips and printed on the coin ,”To thine own self be true”.   Truth is a universal, constant, unchangeable force. I find comfort in that.



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