Sister Friend

Thank you God for my sister! She is the only person in this world who shares my own childhood experience, transformed our shared memories into a beautiful life and work of art that influences my own adult perspective.  She shows me every day how to live a good life, regardless of the pain and heartache it can bring.  She is my best friend on earth and I don’t know what I would do without her guidance, her insights and the fierce love she gives to her family.  She helps me see I am not in charge of other people’s choices and lifestyles and we laugh at my inner control freak together.  We laugh a lot!  Both my sisters and I have marvelously twisted, distorted and strange senses of humor.  Most people don’t get. Like falling off a hammock onto your back.  Or  self-deprecating jokes that leave us breathless and abs hurting.  Or the funny behaviors that naturally come out to play in each other’s presence.  From very early on, we became super star students, graduated from college, on to graduate school, both educators, both readers and writers, both creative, loving and giving women who ultimately want the same thing: to leave our spot in the world a better place than we found it.  And it doesn’t matter if it’s in different ways.  Like I have two girls who will, I pray, become giving and loving women who want to change the world for the better.  That’s part of my legacy.  Even though she’s not a parent yet, my sister is changing lives as a teacher.  She is the most incredible aunt to her nieces, playing with them, telling stories, spending quality time she doesn’t really have but gives anyway.  She’s one of the good girls.   A woman who isn’t in competition or envious or spiteful or undermining or hateful with other women.  A sister who can listen, can give feedback that sounds true, and calms a nervous mind. I hope I am that for her.  Sometimes she doesn’t share enough with me, I’ve found out.  But I want her to know I’m available, to hear and not judge and will always be by her side. For life. All of it, the good , the bad and the ugly.  I love you, sweet sister friend.


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