Misery loves company or PMS?

Today I feel so BLA…not really enjoying the sunshine after the rain. And oh it’s been raining buckets. Down here we get “tropical-like” storms instead of the “blizzards” that I grew up with. January is a barren, hostile, cold and rainy landscape. Therefore, I will take mine in stride. I know it’s passing thru me and I will remember to not get stuck in January. I find myself critical, belligerent and often engaging in argument for the sake of being contradicting. Do you like those types of people? I don’t. And I don’t want to be one. But alas January has taken over my body. Infected my sober mind and painted it gray. Sometimes black. Cue Rolling Stones. So to fight off the chill, I will drink my cups of coffee, let the dog lie under my desk on my feet as I type, listen to my Les Mis soundtrack and occasionally entertain this sorrow but remember to let it move through me. As seasons go.

I’m reading a book my sister gifted me for the holiday, it’s a memoir by Mary Karr, “Lit”. I highly recommend it. It’s a good one. Here’s the NPR link to the author’s interview on her book.


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