people, places, and things

AA says that the alcoholic or dry drunk will always blame people, places and things for her own bad behavior, selfishness, anger, shame, guilt, resentments  held on to so tightly.  I pray every day to be rid of this victim mentality that tells me, ‘Oh honey, you’re not to blame…you have an addiction.  You have every reason to hold others accountable for your peace and serenity…even happiness.’ My sponsor told me last night, “Why do you let others take your joy?” Why?  Because they do! Right?  Wrong.  No one can take or do or say anything that hurts us without our consent.  Our reaction is our responsibility alone. My serenity is my job.  And it’s a tough one to maintain.  Of course, I’m still a novice to sober living. But I adamantly believe the mantra that AA preaches…we are powerless over people, places and things.  Just as we are powerless over alcohol or drugs.  Only a Higher Power of my understanding can save me from this destructive reasoning; that situations, people, things interrupt my peace.  Oh but how this reality is tested daily in my life!  Give me strength O Lord! Give me prayer to remind me and comfort me.  I am grateful for my life and sobriety and I know asking for anything is trouble, is inappropriate.  But I need Your help to guide me through these risky waters as I learn to sail my ship past people, places and things to the quiet shore of peace and serenity.  Thank you and Thy will be done.  Amen.



One thought on “people, places, and things

  1. I love you. You are right; our joy & inner peace are our responsibility.
    Avoid vexacious spirits that can deplete your own journey to sobriety, peace & joy.
    I am proud of you.
    Love & joy,

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