Lion Tamer-Snake Charmer

Guess what? Who can tame the lion? Who can charm the snakes back into their basket? Me! Wow, such a realization. I have the power. And after reading someone’s blog, being rage-filled is self-indulgent and I can be that sometimes…but not most of the time. Because I’m not here to be enraged. There are far too many other things I can be while I’m here. Here are 34 Things I can choose to be instead of angry baboon monster:

1. reflective
2. creative
3. silent
4. thoughtful
5. kind
6. energetic
7. enthusiastic
8. sleepy
9. funny
10. helpful
11. tearful
12. appreciative
13. assertive
14. rational (can I?)
15. loving
16. affectionate
17. making ________ (fill in the blank)
18. tender
19. brave
20. enduring
21. tolerant
22. open
23. laughing
24. gracious
25. free
26. accepting
27. smiling
28. singing
29. walking
30. honest
31. true
32. careful
33. passionate
34. articulate


3 thoughts on “Lion Tamer-Snake Charmer

  1. searchingandfearless34, I am wondering whose blog you were reading that helped you attain that realization. Thank you for the post and I bless you on your journey to release the rage that controls your from your life. You have the powerrrr!

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