13 days


in that amount of time I will be 1 year sober…holy shit. or should I say, ‘holy higher power” I jest I jest but I can honestly say I’ve gained incredible wisdom through the past 12 months of living sober. one of my mantras over these past few months has been “this pain will be useful one day”. I can’t remember who said that or why. but it is applicable to my months of recovery so far. it’s not an easy thing to do, but I feel like such a soldier for getting here. i’m not there yet. I will never be there. Gertrude stein said, “whenever you get there, there is no there there.” or something like that. I have a daily zen app on my iphone. I know. but to be in the here and now, to take it one day at a time (one minute, one second), I can’t avoid the zen undertones. I like this increasing feeling of being ok in the moment. letting things be what they are. it is what it is. fighting with it, well…it will be wasted effort and bring on pain and suffering. letting go is easier and less painful than being dragged. trust me.


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