i suck but…

i feel better because i just read a blog from a mom who i always think is perfect. but she just wrote about how uncomfortable she is sometimes with the “i suck” mental diatribe that she hears. wow! and here i thought she was perfectly perfect. the one thing i know that pulls me out of self… self-loathing, self-defeat, self-obsession, is action…get up, do something. anything. the “you suck” soundtrack is a big hit on my top 40. i know it’s noise but it’s loud noise. here’s a list of things that can silence or deafen the noise:

talking to friends
working with children
reading a book
walking outside
watching a movie
eating chocolate
eating peanut butter
eating nutella
coffee, drinking it or watching it brew
running (see photo)
drawing or coloring with my 5 yr old
hugging/snuggling my 2 year old
kissing my 2 yr old
singing to the radio
helping someone
making a tent or fort from sheets/quilts for the girls
sex (ok making love) with my sweet hubs
baking sweets
making reservations for a trip
thinking of taking a trip
writing…this is a no brainer


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