a couple things

Two weeks ago, I met a lady at AA who needed to get rid of her alcohol.  She was about 5 days sober and still had a large amount of alcohol in her home.  We (people in AA) thought she may require a bit of support to dispose of it.  She agreed to let me follow her home from the meeting and pour out the remaining alcohol in her liquor cabinet and fridge.  It was cathartic for me and probably a little less traumatizing for her, as she had another alcoholic with a year sober present.  To witness her, emptying beer bottles down the drain with frequent comments of, “You don’t know how bad I want one of these right now…”  well, it gave me a special gift.  Redemption.  Another gift came in the form of a Friday night vehicle accident.  I was stopped at a red light, with my girls in the back safely strapped into car seats, when a man turned too fast and hard to the right and smashed the length of my driver’s side.  The man, as it turns out, was arrested for DUI.  He was clearly loaded.  But as he was failing the field sobriety test, arms behind his back as the police cuffed him…I couldn’t watch.  I cried, knowing that only a year ago that man was me.   There but for the grace of God…


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