Random routines…



I’m off to a new meeting group, meets at 9:30 pm Saturday nights.  I’ve been once before, a few weeks ago.  I stopped my home group over a month ago, and I’m still not convinced AA is exactly helpful for me.  Like some sober bloggers say, “we aren’t the joining type” or maybe I’m too stubborn to listen to reason.    But with a year and 100 days past that, sobriety is a large part of the definition of “me”  Therefore, it stands to reason that going to meetings where groups of people are trying to stay sober is an essential component.  I just fight all the conventional paths, always have, probably always will.  I’m an Aquarius.  I’m an idiot. 

Anyway, I’m off the new meeting.  I need to share.  Got a bunch of junk to unload and maybe it will be helpful to someone sitting there for the first time.  I ran tonight also.  First time in a while.  Running, if you’ve read past posts of mine, is something I consider essential to my sobriety.  There is a rage that burns in me and running is the only activity I’ve found that cools it off.  Other activities like knitting, reading, bathing, talking, laughing, writing, WRITING, and kissing my babies and dogs, doing my work as a counselor to troubled youth…all that helps me stay sober.  But the one thing I do that extinguishes this fire hot rage is to run.  Run hard and fast and long. 

Good night sober cybersphere.


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