firing the “bodyguard”

I read this today “Angry is just Sad’s  bodyguard”    Wow.  Holy shit did that ring true.  Not the 100 times a therapist has told me anger is pain, or depression is anger turned inward…bla bla bla.  Angry is sads bodyguard.  yes!  Now that I know this…I’m firing the bodyguard. Sadness, pain, hurt…doesn’t need protection. Because vulnerability is my strength.  My weakness is my beauty.  My soft parts must be exposed to welcome the love, like a dog laying down to get his belly scratched, I want my belly scratched too.  I want that good stuff.  Body guard officially off-duty.  There is nothing true in me that needs protection.  I’m going to lay it all on the table.  If you like what you see, good.  If you don’t, fine.  If you want to destroy or hurt it, you can try.  But the truth is like a lion…you don’t have to defend it.  let it loose, it will defend itself.   St. Augustine.  whom I adore.  see past post.

ahhhhh big sigh of relief.  that’s what I am feeling right now. 


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