Golden ratios and more


After watching Touch on Netflix last night I got to thinking about some mathematical truths and the world.  The Fibonacci sequence of numbers is a ratio found repeated in our natural environment. The pattern is found in flowers, sea shells, honey combs, hurricanes, our own universe even.  Its astonishing if you actually read about it.  Some researchers claim it is far-fetched and fantastic.  But I prefer to believe my higher Power is indicating something to me.  It makes me happy and full.  To believe that some divine hand created all life and left a sequence of numbers, in the language of math that is understood by all cultures, as a clue to His /It/Her presence is phenomenal.  The same sort of clues resonate in this series Touch with Kiefer Southerland as a father to a boy with Autism.  He communicates in numbers. 

The Butterfly Effect notices how one slight change affects all of life.  The whole “beat of a butterflys wings changes the course of weather patterns” philosophy.  In the TV series, the boy predicts major change and his father must hurry up to solve the mystery. although it may not be proven scientifically every time and every instance, the golden ration is proof enough for me.  When I get discouraged or unhappy, sad and pessimistic, I like to remember the nautilus shell and the story of butterfly wings.  I like to watch a show like Touch where autism isn’t just a neurological impairment.  It brings me peace to think this isn’t all coincidental and life is without true purpose.  In my best moments, I know my goodness branches out and touches others.  And so forth.  On and on.


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