“whether life is good or not depends on me”

This quote from the oldest known Holocaust survivor who passed away Sunday, Ms. Alice Herz-Sommer age 110. NPR published this on her unique longevity of life “her amazingly positive view of the world” If this lady can stay upbeat and realize that her happiness is self-made, so can I. I surely have the same ability. How could I not? Alice played the piano for two years as a prisoner in a concentration camp. Music saved her, it gave her hope. She says that as one ages, they become thankful and appreciative of the beauty in life. I’ve been thinking a lot about gratitude. If I make it a point to stay grateful for my many blessings in life, the resentment and anger I produce is harder to hold on to. Gratitude is so essential to my sobriety, my peace of mind. Without a grateful heart and spirit I am a nasty ball of angry. I become my “Worst-self” (ie.Oprah and Best Self). I believe for us alcoholics our selves are eternally “worst” which is why recovery focuses on this activity of service and prayer for a daily reprieve of the self. The Self, the ego, the mind…it is so sick in us alcoholics. Maybe in all of us if we remain ungrateful and oblivious to the beauty. I’m happy that Alice reminded me to be grateful today. Days that I’m seeing life as a beautiful gift instead of a burden to be carried are my BEST days. Keep an “attitude of gratitude” and life transforms into a veritable cornucopia.


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