acceptance: a way of life



Today I came down with a horrible flu/virus…I was miserable all day.  Aching, throbbing, shaky, chilly, hot, nauseous…all a wonderful reminder by the body that it can and will shut down.  Overwhelmed by virus, the body fights back and I’m the casualty of war.  It literally is the worst time to be sick at work.  but alas there I was with my. head pounding, muscles weak while pushing through a grueling 9 hour day. 
To add insult to injury my youngest has been waking up during the night with the same miserable symptoms.  She has stolen many hours of much needed sleep.  That’s not unusual to a mom of young children, the sleep depravation.   I’m a walking study in acceptance. 

What doesn’t kill you  tries very hard.   But enough of this.  Being sick means I’m alive to fight back a stomach bug, to hold my baby when she cries at 3 am.  I plant both feet on the ground each morning, however tired, sick and of course perpetually late I may be running and I have another day.  Another day to be sober, alive, grateful and accepting of all my small world gives me and the larger one too.  Because even in a body aching from flu, I am here.  That is the greatest of all gifts and one that much of the time goes unappreciated.  I will take my sick days with an extra helping of 9 hours at work, limited sleep as the cherry on top.  It’s a lesson in total acceptance and I’m taking notes. 


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