All God’s Creatures

There will always be people who annoy me with their drama.  I find it happens frequently at work.  But that may be because I happen to spend a good bit of time in that place. I’m an alcoholic so people, places and things tend to get under my skin and have the potential to obstruct my hard-won serenity. Every day, I have multiple opportunities to practice taking inventory of my surroundings, my feelings, my resentments and figure out how to release anger toward others or self. Each morning I say the 7th step prayer, which goes something like “God remove all negative parts of me and use me as a channel for your will in my life, mostly to be of service to my fellows” I am lately not so great at being of service to fellows unless I like you. This isn’t the goal of my recovery. All fellows, even those who drive me nuts, are God’s creation. Also the fact they drive me crazy is my responsibility. Meaning, I don’t necessarily need to have a reaction to people’s bad attitudes, issues, dramas, etc. Although it is increasingly difficult in this stressful environment called life to NOT have any drama present at work, my serenity cannot be stolen unless I say so. A smart woman said, “No one can make you feel inferior without your consent” (Eleanor Roosevelt). In recovery, replace “inferior” with any feeling of resentment. But I”m not capable of moving past resentment without God. I literally do not have the ability to avoid ruminating on past hurts, arguments, offenses. Stewing in it, rolling in the shit, is my favorite past time. Only prayer, practicing the 4th step over and over, can I begin to understand that nothing or nobody can interfere with my serenity but me. And these creatures of God, these fellows that I’m here to be of service, just like we all are called to do,( why else have an earth with 6 billion creatures on it if we are to avoid one another?) make the journey of life worthwhile. I learn most about myself through interactions with these strange creatures. My own spirituality and recovery grows in proportion to the relationship I have with all god’s creatures.  


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