too good to be true?

when things start to go good in recovery …and sobriety isn’t as hard, I think most of us may get that feeling that “it can’t last”:  this joy, this good day or good thing that just happened to  me…it’s a fluke.  but I want to challenge you and me to NOT do that.  it is true and it is good.  it can be this good.  I will remember this day when inevitably the falling downs in life occur, the depressed moods, the whining and complaining about too much responsibility…for today was a good day.

I give my HP all the glory…I sit here tonight in abject awe of my not quite but almost two years without booze. how in the hell did I end up here?  nothing but the grace of a loving, hilarious and miraculous God. 

I’m grateful and humbled and yes, will be daily overwhelmed with my rat race western life…but it’s the life for which I;’m grateful.  the life that I was so intent upon ending through alcoholism but today ..just this moment …a life I am relishing and praising the heavens for my being a part of.  a part of something greater than myself.  a gift. thank you big man upstairs.  master of the universe. creator ,life giver. Thank you, thank you, thank you.


One thought on “too good to be true?

  1. See…it does get better 🙂 and life happens, good and bad. We are just learning to be better able to deal with it and respond appropriately, unselfishly, and with grace and compassion.

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