for the past several months I’ve really struggled hard with my depression. I’m now back in therapy 2x month, have weaned off a mood stabilizer that I found wasn’t really helping, and made the promise to be active more than once a week. you know what works miracles? exercise! believe it or not. no amount of drugs, therapy, diet or prayer will alleviate my depressive symptoms like a good run. it isn’t easy to drag myself off the bed or sofa and move my body. but you know what’s infinitely more exhausting? living with depression. I’ve decided that if there is one cure to my ailment I can afford, it is physical exertion. it costs nothing to go for a run. yes, it requires effort but the energy I’ve spent fighting off suicidal ideation for the past month far exceeds that. I’m not trying to get a hot body with the exercise. I’m trying to maintain my sobriety and mental stability. I’m trying to stay alive. I’m grateful right now that I can move my body and by doing so move my perspective. my depression comes like a tidal wave, ominous and destructive. I can’t fight it alone. I always ask my higher power for relief and help. the answer came in the form of obvious results. to keep the wolves at bay I must use this body of mine. mind, body , soul…all three must be working for maximum relief. hopefully if you’re struggling with major clinical depression like me, you will find your answer also in simple solutions. our bodies were made for movement. mood follows action. sometimes that advice must be taken literally…MOVE.


3 thoughts on “solutions

  1. Good!! I’m happy for you! 🙂

    And fyi: there is a Dutch psychiatrist Bram Bakker who did a study on depression and running. He had 3 groups: one running only, one on pharmaceutics and one on both. The running group had best short- and long term results while those who were on the meds stayed depressed. 😦

    Run Searching and fearless! Run! 🙂

    xx, Feeling

  2. I have found that exercise has really helped me with similar issues. My depression has not returned since I started exercise including running 6 years ago. As well as getting fitter, it has helped with my self esteem. Good luck with it.

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