working with others

I’ve finally started sponsoring.  I resisted for a long time.  Maybe it was selfishness…but also a feeling of incompetence.  I didn’t know if I could truly benefit anyone starting her journey in recovery.  But as it turns out…I have much to offer in the areas of experience, strength and hope!

In meetings, I used to hear that anyone with 24 hrs sober could help another alcoholic and I guess that’s true.   Although I know when I was just 24 hrs without a drink, I needed more help than I would potentially give another.  The daily living as a sober person, over time, builds wisdom and of course that vital experience I feel now  obligated to share.

Last night I met with a women who hasn’t had much experience living sober.  She binge drank her way to a DUI at 4x the legal amount of alcohol in her blood and recently a trip to Detox.   She is afraid to drink again, terrified she may die.  Like me, she knows that to drink again may be the end of her life as she knows it.  In fact she’s already irreversibly damaged her kidneys.

Nonetheless, we sat down together and read from my 12 and 12.  I heard her recognition and her willingness as she read aloud.  I don’t know if this person will stay sober or relapse.  But that’s not the point of sponsorship.  I love the quote about how in order to keep something, we must be able to give it away.  Therefore, to maintain my own sobriety I must be willing to share my experience with another seeking that same sobriety.    I learn the value of focusing my attention on someone other than ME.  Such a big part of my recovery is practicing actions that relieve me of the bondage of self.  Third step prayer stuff.  For me, the action of helping always relieves this obsession with self.

I know I may not be the best person for the job, but helping this woman by sharing my own experience is just what the doctor ordered.


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